Selling a Law Firm

Selling a Law FirmSelling a law firm

Selling a law firm is a big step, whatever the reasons behind it. The team at Mosaic has the skills and experience on how to sell a law firm and can help you through every step of the process. We can help from finding a suitable buyer to collecting any earn-out.

We can help you – usually by way of acting as Lead Advisor – through the key stages of a disposal:

Why?  Evaluate the reasons for wanting to sell.  Review alternatives

Market  Review market to find long list of suitable firms who may wish to acquire and then whittle down to a short list

Approach  Mosaic can make the first anonymous approaches on your behalf to maintain the all-important confidentiality

Pricing  We can help with law firm valuation and come up with a variety of deal structures for negotiation with any buyer

Legal  We can help you with NDAs, heads of terms, preparing for due diligence and business purchase agreements. We also advise on employment matters, property, partners leaving or staying. We can negotiate all the key areas to minimize your risk

Financial  We can look at funding, payment terms and the financial due diligence you will have to provide. This is not overlooking the need to due due diligence on the acquirer and its financial strength

Deal structure  We look at how to structure the deal. In particular the allocation of the purchase price to relevant assets and how to assess the relative merits of amounts up front, on deferred terms, by earn out and/or by way of retained equity

Tax issues  We consider these both from your point of view and that of the acquirer and how to best ‘arbitrage’ the tax breaks that may be available

Negotiation  We know the market and have worked on numerous deals, so can help you negotiate a good deal for you. We will identify the ‘deal breakers’ and we’ll also tell you when to walk away

Regulatory  We can advise on any regulatory issues with successor practice rules. We also help with ABSs for external funders, assigning CFAs and other compliance issues

Culture  Many mergers fail because of the lack of a cultural fit. We can help you ensure that you are leaving your firm, and your staff, in good hands

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