What We Do

What we do

The much heralded consolidation of the legal services sector is at last under way. It is being driven in large part by the liberalisation and deregulation of the market. This in turn has led to the emergence of new entrants and new business models. Add the pressures of the global financial crisis, the shift in the balance of power from supplier (law firm) to consumer (clients), new technologies, increasing regulatory and compliance burdens and the Jackson reforms and it’s no surprise that thousands of law firms have merger on their radars – indeed we have yet to come across a firm who is not considering the issue.

And to be clear, ‘merger’ here is used as a generic term which embraces true mergers (of which there are few), acquisitions by a larger firm of a smaller firm, alliances of firms or offices in different regions or jurisdictions, disposals of a business or part of a business to an acquirer, and bolt-ons of teams, departments or practice areas or offices.

It’s not unusual for law firms and their busy management teams to try and work through the merger process themselves. But that process of working out what they are aiming for, identifying and evaluating targets, arranging and holding initial discussions, establishing what funding may be required, what structures will be needed, ascertaining cultural ‘fit’, cracking the ‘deal-breakers’, negotiating terms and completing the deal takes up an enormous amount of management time – and energy. And that’s before the real work starts – on planning the integration and success of the new business!

The lack of independence and objectivity doesn’t help on the big issues such as ‘who gets what’, for example. Sometimes all that is required is an impartial ‘honest-broker’ to facilitate discussions and help resolve issues. More often, the firm aiming to grow by merger or acquisition, or the firm seeking to be acquired, would benefit from the assistance of experienced advisers to guide them through the entirety of the merger process. Mosaic Legal works with you in the way you want, be that on a joint-appointment, to help resolve a single issue, or as lead advisor for one of the parties throughout the process.

Merger and Acquisition services to law firms and barristers’ chambers