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Who Are We

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The Law Firm Merger Specialists

Mosaic LegalĀ is a new, unique collaboration between a Chartered Accountant, Howard Hackney, Solicitors, Nigel Haddon, Mark Briegal and Paul Bennett, and Business Development specialist Barry Wilkinson.

Mosaic was established to provide ownership planning for law firms and the bar. We offer an holistic approach to mergers and acquisitions, helping law firms to build a more profitable and sustainable future – from strategic intent to post deal integration.

We bring a unique combination of financial and legal skills. We are all commercially focused, innovative professionals and share a desire to make things happen. Add to that our considerable ‘hands on, been there, done that, got the t-shirt’ experience of professional and law firm mergers, sales and purchases, from both the inside and as external advisers, and you are close to understanding why our offering is rare.

The highest standards of the legal and accounting professions are applied to each and every project, whether large or small. Our aim is to help our clients achieve their strategic goals – and we will say if we believe a prospective deal is not in our client’s best interests. We never forget that in any merger, the parties are trying to bring two groups of people, and two cultures, together. We aim to be solution-providers, and to help clients overcome the obstacles to merger and tackle the deal-breakers.

Our approach to pricing reflects this. We offer our clients a choice of pricing options, which include discounts where deals don’t complete, and uplifts where they do – but these adjustments to a fixed fee or target fee are never so substantial as to influence our judgement and advice. We are happy to align our interests with those of our clients, but not to compromise our professionalism by doing so.

At Mosaic we don’t lost sight of the big picture, even when dealing with the most complex of situations.

Merger and Acquisition services to law firms and barristers’ chambers